Soil Balance Professional Formulation contains 62 different varieties of live organisms taken from desert and cannabis plant roots in their natural environment. After application, all 62 strains regenerate on cannabis plant roots. Soil Balance microbes have been formulated to work specifically in hydroponic growing mediums as well as natural soils. The proprietary combination of the strongest strains, produce enzymes, acids and chemicals unique to Soil Balance Pro and not found in any other product in the world.

These proprietary enzymes have been proven to increase terpene levels by 150% to 500%. Kind Roots guarantees a minimum 150% increase in your terpene levels or we will refund you 100% of your trial bag purchase price. Few microbial companies, if any, offer this kind of guarantee, so you can count on results!



557.89% Terpenoid Increase Over Control



KOSHERE KUSH – Treated vs Non-Treated
Grown Open Loop, no CO2



The following university data is unique and rare because while many companies claim yield enhancement, you will not find anything like what you are about to see on any of our competitors websites, anywhere in the world. Increased yields are a true byproduct of the life within the soil and vary with grower cultivation methodologies and skill levels. Kind Roots is committed to redefining cannabis flower quality and increasing organic cultivation.

Bell Peppers – North Carolina State University – Dr. Paul Nelson
Cabbage – North Carolina State University – Dr. Paul Nelson
Corn 1 – Illinois Sustainable Agriculture – Dr. William Becker
Corn 2 – University of Florida – Dr. Donn Shilling
Cotton – Texas A&M University – Dr. Janell M. Stevens Johnk
Cucumber – North Carolina State University – Dr. Paul Nelson
Lettuce – University Of Florida – Dr. Donn Shilling
Potato – University Of Idaho – Dr. Krishna Mohan
Soybean – Central State University Ohio – Dr. Candace Lowell
Tomato 1 – University Of Florida – Dr. Donn Shilling
Tomato 2 – Central State University Ohio – Dr. Candace Lowell
Turf 1 – Cornell University – Dr. Richard Smiley
Turf 2 – Texas A&M University – Dr. Janell M. Stevens Johnk
Turf 3 – North Carolina State University – Dr. Paul V. Nelson
Turf 4 – North Carolina State University – Dr. Robert Mikkelsen
Trees – North Carolina State University – Dr. Robert Ian Bruck

Root Biomass – Tall Fescue Grass





Fresh Roots Biomass 7.80g 31.7g 34.2g
Treated – A 32%
Treated – B 34%
Untreated 8%


Danny Danko

Senior Agronomist

“We have found this product to be highly effective at inoculating soil. Using this wettable powder on your soil will save water and increase root biomass and plant health substantially.”

Erik Patrick

35 Year Cannabis Grower – Southern California

“In 4 weeks our plants are more than double the size of the non-treated plants. The time difference alone has this product paying for itself at .10 cents a square foot. The roots are 3 to 4 times larger than control areas, and although we have not tested yet, I expect there is a dramatic variance in the Terpene profile.”


The vast majority of inoculants today rely solely on microbe strains discovered in the 1800s such as Bacillus Subtilis discovered in 1872 and Trichoderma first described in 1794. Mycorrhizae has been in use since early Egyptian times. The advancement of bio products has been in a holding pattern for many years due to the proven efficacy of synthetic or chemical counterparts.

50 of the strains found in Soil Balance Pro are proprietary and new discoveries in the field of microbiology. The ability to combine all of these strains in a stable form is a scientific breakthrough and unlike any other product ever used in the agriculture market. The combination of these newly discovered strains produce enzymes, acids, hormones and chemicals, unique to our product and not found in any other product in the world. The premise for the development of Soil Balance Pro was under the idea that it is not what a microbe can achieve on its own, but what microbes produce in combination that makes them effective. The enzymes and chemicals our organisms create are what increase terpene levels and give Soil Balance Pro true efficacy and industry staying power. Guaranteed, or we will return 100% of your money on your 10 gram trial bag!





The Soil Balance Professional technology has been created for one very specific reason, to serve the stewards of our lands and plants. Kind Roots is dedicated to providing an experience and service level to our growers where they feel they are truly being cared for as they work tirelessly to create medicine for their clients who suffer and trust in their medicine. We want cannabis cultivators to feel appreciated, respected and admired for their tireless work in a marketplace which has not fully embraced them. Kind Roots and it’s team of highly accredited microbiologists, plant pathologists and agronomic consultants believe that the most advanced technology man can learn from, is nature. Soil Balance Pro has been developed to give our growers fast and real results that exceed out dated chemical counterparts and allow our clientele to seamlessly cultivate organically. Our miracle organic technology took 20 years of R&D to get here and has been meticulously formulated to address two of the industries most pressing issues, plant/soil health and quality. All life and human sustainability is intimately connected to the health of our soils and plants. By increasing the life on the roots of your plants with the 62 strains found in Soil Balance, you will soon come to realize that these organisms are true givers, just like you.

The organic solution consultants at Kind Roots are eagerly available to assist you, answer any and every question you may have about adding “life” or biodiversity to your soil when ever you need us. Our business has been developed specifically to provide the growers we serve with the finest organic amendments on the planet and consultation you can trust. We hope to connect with you and are at your service today!

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Current microbial inoculants have historically demonstrated sub-par efficacy in contrast to chemical counterparts. This has left the industry as a whole disenchanted with “bio products”. The vast majority of current inoculants rely solely on soil microbe strains discovered in the 1800’s such as Bacillus Subtilis discovered in 1872 and Trichoderma first described in 1794. The advancement of bio products has been in a holding pattern for many years due to the proven efficacy of synthetic fertilizers. Soil Balance delivers growth that improves upon results currently realized with traditional synthetic fertilization and nutrient management programs. Thus giving growers better results than fertilization in a shorter amount of time. Root biomass increases of over 200% in 30 days is not something achievable with any other known product on the market today. The 62 strains found in Soil Balance are unique to our product and are an industry first. Soil Balance contains soil microbes and not strains derived from plant residue or animal intestines. Because of this, our microbes grow in the soil and produce enzymes and metabolites that no other product contains. It is not what a high quantity of the same microbes can achieve on their own but what a diverse group can produce in combination that gives way to the highest and best efficacy.

For complete application instructions CLICK HERE

Soil Balance should not be tank mixed with any synthetic product. Wait 2 days after inoculating with Soil Balance to apply fungicides, nematicides, herbicides, and insecticides. Systemic fungicides and fumigants are not recommended to be used in conjunction with Soil Balance and will render our microbes ineffective. We recommend using contact fungicides only if necessary when using Soil Balance.

We recommend using soil balance at a minimum every 30 and every two weeks if budgets allow. One application will show you results and the second will make you a true believer in adding life to your plant roots and growing medium!

Soil Balance is designed to be as durable as the people who use it. Do not let it freeze. After opened it will work for 1.5 years. Keep out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children.

  1. After adding Soil Balance to water make sure to stir it in a vortex for at least 10 minutes so it absorbs completely into the water.
  2. Use water soluble humic acid to give our microbes some instant food but do not tank mix – apply separately.
  3. Spray or hand water on top of the soil and water it in as deep as the roots go so that it makes contact.
  4. When you spray or pour the water carrier mix on for the first time pour it close to the roots and then get the soil moist.
  5. Have fun watching your plants reach their full genetic potential!

Yes and No. Unlike fermented plant bacteria products which necessitate multiple application or a food source to survive on roots or in the soil, Soil Balance microbes do not NEED a food source to be effective. They just need plant roots and the carbohydrates, sugars and carbon the plant produces. They only need water and roots to thrive. They do not even need soil. However, for best results in the interim or to get populations growing faster for best results add Sea Minerals, (Water Soluble) Humic Acid with Fulvic, Kelp, Molasses or any other carbon source you feel comfortable with. This gives our microbes a carbon that has a small particle size to grow on and make available to the plant faster.

Yes, it is NOT recommended to use a pressure setting above 40 psi. This could have a detrimential effect on the microbes.

No. Soil Balance is pure microbes and will flow thru lines on a microscopic level. Mix well in a vortex for 10 minutes to dissolve completely.

Soil Balance is non toxic and has no re-entry period. It is non GMO and 100% organic. It is very user friendly, but it is always advisable to wear protective gear as many people have unpredictable allergies. Keep Soil Balance Professional Formulation out of the reach of children.

1.5 years after opened. It can be sealed and resealed multiple times. Keep air tight.

Yes. After the crop dies so do many of the strains in the Rhizosphere. There are 62 different strains in Soil Balance and most of them die with the plant. Additionally, salts from over-fertilization, erosion, crop harvest, excessively low or high pH values and low organic mater, affect the value of soil and the plants themselves. It is important to use Soil Balance three or more times per crop cycle and even more on longer crop cycles. The more bacteria you can add the better your soil will become. If budgets allow, use Soil Balance Pro once every two weeks for amazing results!

The strains found in Soil Balance are desert strains. In high numbers and when water is present, desert microbe strains communicate with the plant root to grow larger in the presence of water. If water is constant the microbes grow to high numbers and communicate in abundance. They also make macro and micro nutrients in the rhizosphere or root area, instantly available thru mineralization or the formation of humus. With the enzymes Soil Balance microbes create and bio available nutrients as well as comprehensive soil health, roots grow at exponential rates and your plants will reach their full genetic growth potential with every cycle. With larger roots, refined hormones and the ability for nutrient uptake, terpene levels will shoot thru the roof. Welcome to a new era in the field of advanced soil microbiology. Welcome to nature’s balance.